Dr. Robin offers a wide range of veterinary services to keep your pets feeling their best. The following is a comprehensive list of the services Dr. Robin offers her patients. If your pet is in need of care that is not listed, please call and ask!

Housecall fees

Up to 30 miles roundtrip
31-40 miles roundtrip
41-50 miles roundtrip
51-75 miles roundtrip


An examination is required for all first time patients.

Comprehensive examination & initial consultation
Additional exam per household
Recheck examination

Vaccines for dogs

Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, and Adenovirus
DHPP Lepto 4-way
Bordetella (Nasal)
Bordetella (Injectable)
Rabies 1 year
Rabies 3 year

Vaccines for cats

Feline rhinotracheitis/calici/panleuk
Feline leukemia
Purevax Rabies 1 year Feline
Purevax Rabies 3 year Feline (Merial)

Maintenance care

Nail trim
Anal gland expression
Ear cleaning
Oral deworming

Bloodwork & diagnostic testing

Total Health Plus (CBC, Chem, Total thyroid)
Health Check (includes cbc and chemistry only)
Fecal exam (direct and float)
Urinalysis in addition to bloodwork
Heartworm test
Canine comprehensive (CBC,chemistry, total thyroid, and heartworm test)
Feline comprehensive (CBC,chemistry, thyroid, felv/fiv test)
Custom profile for dogs (CBC, Chem, t4, ft4, tsh level)
Phenobarbital level
Fructosamine level
Cytology (Sent to Pathologist for review)
Histopathology of skin lumps
Senior screen (CBC, chemistry, thyroid, urinalysis)
Blood glucose
FIV/FeLV test
Renal profile

Basic wound care and minor surgery

Local block
$40.00 – $50.00
Laceration repair (price depending on severity)
$75.00 – $125.00
Removing simple skin mass (warts, cysts, lumps, lipomas) less than 2cm
Removing simple skin mass (warts, cysts, lumps, lipomas) more than 2cm
$175.00 – $200.00
Cat bite abscess repair (price dependent on severity)
$50.00 – $75.00

Miscellaneous items

Health certificates
Corneal eye stain
Shirmer Tear Test
Any injection (antibiotic, pain control, steroid, benedryl)
Subcutaneous fluids/administration
Ear cytology (sent to lab)
Doppler blood pressure

Other services/diagnostics available

Referrals for specialists, scheduled abdominal ultrasounds, echocardiograms, are available.

Euthanasias & Cremation

For all euthanasia needs and services please call

Colorado Springs: Home with Dignity, Dr. Jim Humphries at 719-495-2100.

Colorado Springs: Compassionate Care Veterinary Support, Dr. Judith Lee at 719-330-1926

Denver Area: Caring Pathways at 720-287-2553.